Running Tips for Peak Performance

Do you love to run and want to improve your performance in races?

Are you wondering what you need to do to train for a half marathon or a marathon?

If you have questions about how to go about improving your running and race performance, and you want solid information that you can use in your running training program, then this website is for you.

Running Training Tips is a free online library of running tips to help you achieve peak performance in your races.  It includes everything you need to know for your running training program.

If you are looking for running training advice to improve your endurance, to train more efficiently, and to race faster, you will find information on this website to help you.

Here you will learn about the most important aspects of running:

– training techniques

– conditioning

– racing tactics and strategies

– improving your health

– avoiding over training

– controlling your weight

You’ll find lots of advice about topics like nutrition that will help you stay healthy.  You’ll find some running training schedules – for beginners as well as more advanced runners.  And, there’s information about when things go wrong and you need to deal with sports medicine injuries.

The information found here is based on experience and extensive research from exercise science journals.  It’s not necessarily what you’ll read in the popular media!

The information on this website is up-to-date and scientifically proven in the lab.  More importantly, it’s also proven on the track, road or cross-country.

There will be information for many distance events – from 5K to the 26.2-mile marathon, and everything in between.

You will find this information useful whether you are a beginning or experienced runner, an elite distance runner, or a jogger running a few miles each day for health and fitness.  The training distances and intensity will vary from runner to runner, but the training principles stay the same.

I add new running tips and information frequently, so please drop by often to keep up with new developments and news in distance running training.  Or, even better, sign up for our free monthly e-zine to keep you up-to-date with the latest running information, using the form below.

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